The Beauty of a Staycation

There’s one thing we’re are blessed with in this county and that’s a diverse mix of bustling cities rolling hills and seasides.

We live, work and play in this county but how often do we get the chance to explore and take in its real beauty? The chance to experience what this country has to offer and the freedom find out in our own time?

The beauty of a staycation is that you can be somewhere completely different from where you live in a matter of hours, if not minutes. No check-in queues, delightful in-flight meals, not to mention the fear of waiting to see if your suitcase has made it on holiday with you!

If you’re considering a staycation, here are our top tips to making it a successful one:

  • Think about all the activities you want to do, if you’re a family and the beach is your thing then book a hotel near the beach. Exploring, walking or cycling? Give the Peaks a try!
  • Plan your route there – why not mix it up on the way, stop and visit somewhere? Maybe even stay the night on the way to your main holiday. It’ll break up the travelling (which is a blessing for all ages) and add to your holiday too.
  • Choose a great base and surrounding area. The thing about ‘staycationing’ is that you can travel easily once you get there. A great location to stay isn’t just about the hotel, its all the things you can visit and see nearby.
  • Go at any time of year. We all know us, British love, to talk weather; and holidays don’t strictly have to be a summer occurrence. Our seasons differ greatly which means the same place can look completely different from season to season.

Plus for the ultimate childhood memory, catching a flight never leads to the joy of hearing the question “are we nearly there yet?”! Something as children we never grew tired of asking!

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