Details Of Holiday From Christian Guild Hotels
Holiday Title:History & Heritage in Devon
Dates:2nd Jun 2019 - 7th Jun 2019
Brochure Code:00000
Leader(s):Maeve Hamilton Hercod
Holiday Type:Heritage
Ensuite Package Price:£525
Hotel:Sidholme Hotel
Contact Tel:01395 515104

Expertly led by our Blue Badge Guide, we will learn everything about Sidmouth and Devon – from its historic natural landmarks to its unique blend of traditional and modern culture – and discover some of the county’s most fascinating sites.

Meet one of our guides....

Maeve Hamilton Hercod

“I have enjoyed living overseas for many years, but whenever I can I love to come back to Devon, the county of my birth. These days I am happily settled in Bath where I have family and work as a guide. My career has taken me from teaching to broadcasting to running sailing courses and many more mundane things along the way, so I hope that all this experience can help me to keep tours running smoothly.”

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