Details Of Holiday From Christian Guild Hotels
Holiday Title:The Arts & Crafts Movement
Dates:1st Oct 2017 - 6th Oct 2017
Brochure Code:00000
Leader(s):Jill Durnford
Holiday Type:Heritage
Ensuite Package Price:£530
Hotel:Abbot Hall Hotel
Contact Tel:015395 32896

Discover Cumbria’s importance in the Arts and Crafts Movement of the late 19th century. We will travel by luxury minicoach with our Blue Badge Guide to visit houses and churches where artists and craftsmen have left their mark and find out about their legacy to modern workers.

Meet one of our Blue Badge Guides....

Jill Durnford

After many years in education, I was thrilled to be able to train as a  Blue Badge Guide for Cumbria. It seems to be the perfect job,  combining my love of talking to people with my many and varied interests. I like to think that I am following the example of Cumbrian resident John Ruskin who was interested in art, architecture, the environment and society (amongst many other interests) though I am not quite the expert that he was! 

The Holiday…

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Please call Abbot Hall Hotel on 015395 32896 for more information